1. How long does it take to ship?

A: We ship to the continental United States and limited countries and not all of our merchandise ship from the same warehouse. Shipping may take anywhere from 7 - 21 days on average. This is highly dependent on the customs and import process in the USA and other countries. Please note during the holiday season that these time frames may be impacted but you may contact the shipping carriers directly at the number provided in the shipping notification emails you will receive. Below are the most typical time frames. We plan to expand worldwide and check back often to see if we are able to.

USA: Between 10-28 days average 

UKBetween 15-35 days average 

AUSTRALIA: Between 15-35 days average 

CANADA: Between 30-60 days average  

2. When can I expect tracking information? I didn't receive any notification emails of an order confirmation or tracking, where can I get that?

A: Typically the shipping carriers update their system slowly (several days may pass before you get tracking). If you haven't received it within a week's time frame, first we would advise to check your spam/junk folder in case and make sure you entered your correct email address upon ordering. If you signed up with an account with us, your shipping information will be updated to your account. If all else fails and nothing is there, please contact us directly at the above mentioned email and we will gladly assist you! 

3. Where do you ship from?

A: The majority of our inventory is sold from our warehouses in China with a select few items from other distributors in other countries including the United States. That being said, sometimes your order may come in different packages at different times.

4. Have any other questions? 

A: Please email us at info@macadino.com